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dom_gossip's Journal

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These are subject to change at ANY time I feel like it! -Madi

title of operations
-dom gossip

What do you do there?
-gossip about Dominic Monaghan

What about Dom?
-anything! From his...
hair neck
eyes wrists
fingers lips
armpits cock
legs butt
nose nails
ears feet
and many more

-his life

His life?
-personal -public -acting -free time - childhood -old age (future of course) -to anything about his life!

What about his personal life? *wink*
-anything! You think he's dating anybody, do tell!

-Saw him with some "interesting" people?

-do you think he might have herpes?

-or other things, like if he used to have fetishes for chickens

-anything, as long as you can back it up!

What kind of stuff can we submit on this page?
-pictures of anything suspicious!
-make or submit photo manips
-as long as it's intersting, have a go at it!
-Sound clips are just dandy too!

Okay. What about this gossip?
-You're aloud to speak your mind here. Start a rumor, back one up, ask a question about some gossip topics, it's all good!

Anything else I should ask?
-*shrugs* If there is, just ask me! my LJ is frosty_raven, or you can email me at frosty_raven@hotmail.com. I'll reply as soon as I get it!